Chapter 07 : Records, Legal, Supervision and Quality Assurance

Records, Legal, Quality Assurance and Supervision gives direction on record organization, legal, quality assurance processes and information on the Supervision process.


Section 01 Creating and Organizing DCS Records

Section 02 Safeguarding Records & Records Requests

Section 03 Courtesy Supervision Between Regions

Section 04 Courtesy Assessment Between Regions During After-Hours

Section 05 Transferring Cases Between Regions


Section 06 Hearings & Reviews for DCS

Section 07 Court Reports

Section 08 Legal Process: Understanding Roles

Section 09 Subpoenas and Testifying

Section 10 Appeals

Section 11 Foster Care Review Board

Section 12 Children's Services Oversight Entities

Section 13 Liability


Section 14 Providing Strength-Based Supervision

Section 15 Coaching and Leadership Development

Quality Assurance

Section 16 Quality Assurance

Section 17 Complaint Management

Section 18 Critical Incidents