Chapter 02 : Investigations and Assessment

Investigations and Assessment includes policy and procedures that are to be used in the investigation and assessment of child abuse and neglect reports.

Section 01 Disposition of Reports and Initial Response

Section 02 Pre-Commencement Activities to Prepare for Initial Response

Section 03 Initial Contact and Conducting Interviews

Section 04 Present Danger Assessment Planning

Section 05 Family Functioning Assessment - Investigation

Section 06 Investigation Allegation Findings

Section 07 Safety Planning

Section 07.1 Conditions for Return

Section 08 Team Decision Making

Section 09 Temporary Custody

Section 10 Reasonable Candidate for Foster Care Determinations

Section 11.1 Investigations Involving Substance Exposed Newborns

Section 11.2 Investigations Involving Medical Child Abuse

Section 11.3 Investigations Involving Allegations of Criminal Conduct

Section 11.4 Investigations Involving Immigrant Children

Section 11.5 Investigations of Out-of-Home Caregivers

Section 11.6 Reports Involving DCS Employees

Section 12 Determining the Level of Department Intervention, Services and Court Oversight

Section 13 Case Transfer


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